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Tomatoes and the 4th of July

July 4th is definitely the time for home grown tomatoes. I remember waiting for the juicy fruit to ripen, with many trips to the garden to see if that would be the day I could finally eat the luscious, juicy, ripe, tangy, succulent tomatoes! One thing I knew for sure was that the 4th of [...]

Memories of an Older Jefferson City

Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily life, I forget to remember! When I get into that mode, something usually happens to kick me back to those wonderful times, stored in my memory banks. Times when life was a little more leisurely, and not so fast paced, zooming by like a whirlwind. That’s [...]

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming! The day to celebrate our love for our fathers. If you celebrate with your father, or the father of your children, you will make memories. And if your special father was not with you, then you will be remembering. Maybe you will make memories and remember. That is where I find [...]


Remember when computers were seen only in futuristic sci fi movies? Wow, do things change. They are now an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot live without them. It is amazing how our language has evolved through the years due to this phenomena. Not too many years ago, a window was simply something [...]

Graduations Past

It is that time of year again, when my mind travels to graduations past. For me, graduation is always filled with conflicting emotions. It is the end of something tried and true and the beginning of a new chapter in the life for the graduate. I certainly have been to my share of graduations and [...]


I was thinking the other day about how many of my friends have nicknames. It seems that we Southerners are famous for giving nicknames to everyone. When I was a child, I was dubbed Cotton Top because of my white hair. I can remember, even as an adult, walking down the street and hearing a [...]

Getting Old

Facebook posts are quick to suggest that I am getting older, with questions such as, If You Remember This, or the equally disturbing Age Test. The inference is that to remember is to be old. Based on this, I must be older than dirt, as not only do I remember them, it doesn’t seem that [...]

The Master Painter

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. The world is so fresh and beautiful. I look out my window and see a fabulous pallet of color, as if the “Master Painter” has dipped his brush in spectacular colors and painted our earthly canvas. The Red Bud trees never fail to [...]

Memories of Easter

With Easter this week, my thoughts have ventured to Easter’s past. And, while I now love the Easter feast and all the wonderful food associated with it, my childhood memories involve egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and Easter frocks. Egg hunts were so great. I have always loved the feel of fresh new grass in the [...]

The Fun of Whitewashing

One of the more famous scenes in the movie about Tom Sawyer was the whitewashing of a fence. After Tom got into trouble, Aunt Polly punished him by making him whitewash the fence. Tom manipulated other boys into completing the job for him, even paying for the privilege of doing so. By the time the [...]

Industry in Jefferson County

I was talking to someone a couple of days ago about industry in Jefferson county. As we talked, she mentioned that in earlier decades people had gone out of the county to work. I’m sure some of residents did go to work in different counties, but when I was growing up in Jefferson City in [...]


This week an old familiar lullaby has invaded my head and just won’t let go. Over and over the words continue…”Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don’t sing, Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.” We’ve all heard and sung the song many times. [...]

Stink Bugs

My granddaughter was visiting with me this week, when she suddenly said with astonishment, “Wow, there are 26 bugs on the window.” Of course my answer was, “On the outside?” Unfortunately, her answer was “No, on the inside!” And she was right. I counted 26 brown shield shaped, dime-size brown bugs, armed with a sweaty [...]

Valentine’s Day Memories

Valentine’s Day is coming, love is in the airm and memories fill my head. Wow, I have more memories of valentines, candy, and flowers than I am willing to admit. Let’s just say, they number more than twenty one. My first memories of St. Valentine’s Day are of making hearts…red, pink, and white… small, medium, [...]


Ice… not my favorite topic! I do not step outside when ice is present. This past snowstorm was no exception. I kept looking at the power lines and praying they would hold the weight. Ice can look so innocent, but be so deceptive. I remember two really bad ice storms in the 80′s. The first [...]

Snow Days!

Well, we finally got snow… and watching the snow fall was almost mesmerizing. It was so beautiful, with large flakes falling to the earth, in numbers too numerous to count. It reminded me of the snow globes of my youth. I loved to turn them over and over in my hands, slowly watching the beautiful [...]

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