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Blackberries: Jars Over Scars

I don’t know about you, but I always cringed when I heard blackberries were ripe for the picking.  I knew it meant we would be in the fields, picking blackberries, the next day.  Sure enough, the next morning, “before the dew had settled”, I was awaken, by my mother, with the words, “hurry up and […]

Father’s Day

Yesterday, the social networks were filled with tributes to fathers.  It was mind blowing to see the sentiments of multitudes of social networking friends, posting thanks to their fathers, both living and dead.  It was heartwarming, to see posts from wives, thanking their husbands for their excellent skills in parenting. During this age of broken […]

Where has time gone?

Can you believe we are headed toward the middle of June?  Unbelievable!  Where does time go?  As a child, time seemed to creep by at a snail’s pace.  Anticipated events took forever to come.  Now… time whizzes by at mock speed.  As I enjoyed spending time with my grandchildren today, I was struck by how […]

Same Old Delima

Summer is here… weather and all.  Even though it is not officially summer, school is out, Memorial Day has past… and for me that means summer! I’m just a little worried this summer!  As we all know, summer means vacation… and vacation for my family means the beach!  Yes, each summer, we all enjoy a […]


While surfing the web, I came across a site about MoonPies.  Wow, did it bring back memories!  When I was a kid MoonPies were considered a treat.  Whether eaten whole, or taking the top off and eating the marshmallow center first, it was always delicious! There’s just something about a MoonPie. It’s hard to find […]

Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day is the day we pay tribute to the mother who gave us life and love.  Of course, we love and appreciate our mother every day, but today is that special day that comes once a year.  This day is filled with memories, not only of our mother, but past Mother’s Day gifts and […]

Once Upon A Time Without Fast Food

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a sleepy little village… well actually county.  And in this county were a few small towns.  While the people were happy and content, there seemed to be something missing.  Not knowing what was missing, most people went about their lives in a merry fashion.  […]

Remembering Prom

This past weekend was prom time in the County and it brought back some fond memories from dances past. When I was young, it seems as though the process to prepare for prom was less intense and certainly less expensive. Those were the days that we did our own hair and nails. Going to the […]

Gone To The Birds

This week, my memories have gone to the birds… literally.  I have seen and heard a plethora of birds.  Beautiful blue birds flutter around my birdhouses, nesting as they do every spring.  The robin with it’s rusty red breast has made it’s debut on my fence, singing a beautiful tune. The mocking birds with their […]

Remember Playing Outside?

Do you remember when playing outside was an everyday occurrence rather than a treat? Do you remember when testing was reserved for graduating high school and elementary students did not carry back packs that are destined to give them back problems that are generally associated with playing on the line on a football team? When […]

Spring Breaks Past

This week I have been thinking of Spring breaks past and longing for a return to warm weather (which I understand is coming later this week). When I was young, kids just didn’t take off on trips for Spring Break. Oh, sure, some lucky college students might take a quick trip to the beach on […]

Egg Hunting

What’s Easter without an egg hunt? When I was young, my church had an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. We boiled and colored dozens of eggs the night before. The next day, we went to the church to hide the eggs. We sat on the floor so we couldn’t peak out the windows, […]

Spring Break

Spring break is here! Carson Newman University’s break begins Monday, followed by UT on March 23, as well as Jefferson County Schools beginning the same date.  Do you remember the “good ole days” when spring break meant Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale.  I think Florida is still a destination, along with Europe.  Have you seen the […]

Remember Recorders?

This past week, there was an event at the local school in which my granddaughter and her classmates entertained by playing “recorders”.  When she told me about the event, I was suddenly struck with many fond memories involving a “recorder”.  I had no idea the schools were still playing “recorders”.  I actually thought they had […]

Dixie Cups

If you are 50 or older, you probably remember coming out of the store or school cafeteria with a 5 or 10 cent Dixie Cup in one hand and a flat wooden spoon in the other. You pulled the tab, and the cardboard lid slowly lifted from the cup, revealing chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice […]

The Ole Coon Hunter

This week I was reminded of a once colorful, local character, named Cas Walker.  I had not thought about him for years. I wonder how many of my readers know of, or remember the once household name.  He was one of the most flamboyant politicians in Knoxville, as well as a major force in promoting […]