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Watching My Grandpuppy

As I was sitting here today, watching my grand pup play, I was reminded of dogs that have been a part of my life.  Those that are animal lovers will understand when I say that I was remembering all the dogs that I have loved before. And love them I did. From my first, who […]

Heart Shaped Box

I just love candy and any opportunity to slide into a little chocolate decadence is good for me. Naturally, Valentines Day is one of my favorite times of the year. I clearly remember the first box of candy that I got from a boy. It was large. Really large and very conspicuous, which is not […]

Valentine Memories

Valentines Day brings back many memories of love, but none is so vivid as the love songs of the past.  Just hearing a song fills my heart with warmth.  My special valentine is my husband and many of these songs hold a special connection to him. The Hollies, The Four Seasons and Elvis are just […]

Grin and Bear It

Watching the snow fall on Wednesday was almost mesmerizing.  It was so beautiful, with large flakes falling to the earth, in numbers too numerous to count.  It reminded me of the snow globes of my youth.  I loved to turn them over and over in my hands… slowly … watching the beautiful snow flakes fall […]

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It is one of my favorite times of the year… Girl Scout Cookie Time! When my daughter was younger we would spend hours on the phone selling box after box of thin mints and such. I even did a stint as the neighborhood cookie chairman. Meaning, the cookies lined my basement from floor to ceiling […]

Grandaddy of all Stomach Viruses

During the cold and flu season, my mind always travels back to sniffles of the past. It would never fail that my children would bring home the latest and greatest in viruses and then proceed to pass the gift of illness to the entire family. One occasion in particular sticks out in my mind. We […]

Love the Holidays

I love the holidays but I must admit that New Year’s Eve is not my favorite day of the year. My husband and I have always enjoyed the gathering of friends and regularly got together with “the gang”. Though we loved to socialize and an opportunity to laugh and eat good food, we never voluntarily […]

Ready Or Not

Ready or not, here it comes! Christmas often creeps up before we are ready. Every Christmas, I get the feeling that I have forgotten something or someone. I am a list maker and I go over and over the many lists of things to do. There is a list of food for Christmas breakfast, a […]

Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are always good ones. I don’t remember any in my many years that were not filled with joy. It’s just the time of year to spread the Christmas spirit throughout the world. I remember how much my Father loved Christmas. When my Mother wrapped presents and placed them lovingly under the tree, he […]

I Love Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. I love the family time, and the festive spirit. Oh, and I love the food. I always have a large family event for the holiday and I love to play hostess. Most years, things have gone smoothly and the day passes without incident. One particular Thanksgiving, however, that was not the case. […]

Exactly what do you know about turkeys?

Exactly what do you know about turkeys?  I know that I love to watch them waddle in families around my house.  I know they are what we feast on during our Thanksgiving meal.  I know they have bony spikes on the back of each of the turkey’s lower legs called spurs and the male will […]

Have you ever had a brain blip?

Have you ever had a brain blip? Well, it seems I’m having more than my share. All day yesterday, I thought it was Sunday. I have no idea what happened to Saturday. Late Saturday night, I finally realized it was not Sunday. I said realized because it gives me some grace but really, I was […]


Do you remember jellies? No…not jams or fish…shoes! I have been reading about the comeback of the jelly shoes of the 1980’s. Actually, jellies have staged more than one comeback, Since the early 1980s, jelly shoes have been in and out of style on the roller coaster ride of fashion. They began in Knoxville, right […]