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Getting Lost in Dandridge

Do you remember when you could get into and out of Dandridge without getting lost? As Dandridge is a small town, you may wonder how in the world anyone could get lost. Well, believe me, it can and did happen… to me! Upon discovering that my car tags were expired (that’s another story), I quickly […]

Barefoot Season

Everyone has heard the phrase “barefoot and pregnant” when describing people from the south. Well, I don’t know about the pregnant part, but I can sure tell you about the barefoot. We southerners love to go barefoot. We often do it in snow, sleet, hail, high winds, or in any weather thrown our way. You […]

Swimming in Summer

Summer is not summer without the swimming pool. Over the years, watching my children and grandchildren in the swimming pool has been one of my summer joys. I love the squeals of delight as they gained mastery of the water. Imaginations were ever at play, as different scenarios were constantly changing. There were races and […]

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Historically, this holiday was a sign of getting out of school for the summer. As a matter of fact, summer began with Memorial Day and ended with Labor Day. It was a season of picnics, lazy days on the lake, going barefoot in the park, fireworks, parades, and warm temperatures. Oh, and […]

Don’t Eat that Bread

Mother’s Day brings with it a host of memories. I remember all the homemade gifts, beautiful cards and poems created just for me, from the children I love so much. I remember my wonderful mother and how special she has been throughout my life. I celebrate when reading the touching words from my grown children. […]

Camping Time

It is almost camping time. The trees are in full foliage, the sun is shining and the earth is perfect for fun in the outdoors. I can smell wood burning, potatoes and onions frying in an iron skillet, and hamburgers and hotdog sizzling on the grille. As these smells engulf me, memories of camping flood […]

Bulls and Cows

My mother broke her glasses today and was in dire need of “seeing,” but it being 11:30 on Saturday, and the office closing at 12:00, it seemed almost impossible that “seeing” was going to happen until Monday. A quick call to her Optometrist was rewarded with our needing to be in his office, by a […]

Time Changes

Well, I don’t know about you, but I wish “the powers that be” would finally decide to stop messing with our clocks. Once again, we have adjusted the time. This time to “spring forward.” Believe me, the only way I can remember which way to go is with the phrases, “spring forward,” and “fall back.” […]

Dances from the Past

This week I have been marathoning on an old TV series Abby McBeal. This is the first viewing for me, and I have fallen in love with the music. All the wonderful old tunes I loved in my teens encourage memories of that part of my life. So many nights were spent dancing to these […]

Memories of Comfort Food

Pinto beans, mac and cheese, and cornbread… you can’t beat it for comfort food. Gourmet is good, salads are great, steak and lobster is a fantastic treat, but sometimes I need to return to my roots and have the comfort food I grew up eating. I must say I am never disappointed, and even dive […]

Gas Prices

I was pleased earlier this week when I noticed that gas prices had gone down. I rejoice when it dips to $1.50 and remember the good ‘ole days of low gas prices. Way back, in the olden days of the sixties, gas was cheap. Teenagers cruised around town without a care in the world. The […]

A Challenge: Things Gone By

This week I’m challenging you to remember ten “things gone by” (no longer a part of your life). The dictionary defines past, as “things gone by”. Things that you miss and would love to still have today. So…take the challenge and determine if you can find ten “things gone by” that you would want back. […]


I don’t know about you, but I love working puzzles. Any kind will do: logic, Sudoku, crosswords, codes, jigsaws, just about any kind of puzzle put before me. I keep a book of puzzles in the bathroom to accompany a leisurely bath. You will always find a book of a variety of puzzles in my […]

Christmas Pajamas

Did anyone get pajamas for Christmas this year? Pajamas are a common Christmas gift, and my children always got a new set of sleep ware for Christmas. I opened many gifts, to find beautiful negligees or peignoirs sets, and loved every one of them. And, I like to give gifts that comfort those I love, […]

Thanksgiving Memories

This time of year always brings back Thanksgiving memories. I can smell the turkey and pumpkin pies now. I can see a table flowing over with harvest food. I see corn, beans, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cornbread stuffing, oyster souffle, broccoli casserole, baked acorn squash, pumpkin soup, cabbage casserole, cheese grit casserole, marinaded carrots, cauliflower […]

Snowed in over Thanksgiving

This a November memory shared by a relative of mine. At the time of the memory, she lived in Long Island, New York. She remembers a Thanksgiving in the early 1950’s that made a strong impression on her. “In the 1950s, I came down from New York on the train with my mother and father […]