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Do You Remember Drive-In Movies?

Drive-in movies, you gotta love them. For those of you not fortunate enough to experience a drive-in move, hopefully my memories will enlighten you. As the name implies, these movies were outdoors. They were designed with parking stations and amplifiers hanging from poles. Upon pulling into the parking space, the driver would hang the box […]

Tupperware Parties

Party, party… Let’s have a party! Do you remember or have you attended/given a Tupperware party? These were at the height of popularity in the 70’s. I have, personally, attended and hosted several of these parties. I was young and on a very strict budget, but already had an eye for the finer things life […]

A Different Time

I remember a very different time. A time when the world was a little more relaxed and we had time to do the little things that made us happy. It was a time of respect for ourselves and others. It was a time of awakening dreams. It was the infamous 50’s and 60’s. I remember […]

Fall Hayrides

Fall is such a fun time, with cooler weather and activities for all ages. It is a time ripe for making memories… and for remembering! Do you remember hayrides? Now, they are found with corn mazes, but not in many other venues. I remember my church Fall hayrides. We enjoyed not only the ride, but […]

Be Young!

Lately on Facebook I have been observing several posts that say, If You Remember This, or Age Test. Regardless of the caption, the inference is that to remember is to be “old.” Well, I have decided, after looking at many of these items, that I must be “older than dirt,” as not only do I […]

A Fall Roadtrip to Nowhere in Particular

My husband and I love to go for drives with no particular plans other than experiencing new and unique scenery. We head in a certain direction and let our eyes direct us to destinations unknown. This particular Fall, we headed toward the Georgia mountains, in search of foliage changes. Equipped with camera, we were ready […]

The Holiday that Separates the Seasons

Labor Day, the holiday that separates the seasons. Yes, the last holiday of Summer, or the first holiday of Fall, whatever your perspective may be. Summer lovers will lament that Labor Day is their last holiday, and will sadly watch the last of the firecrackers fill the Summer sky. Those who love the Fall season […]

The 60’s

The 60s were wild and magical, with the baby boomers coming of age. For the first time, kids sought life instead of waiting for life to come to them. If you grew up in the 60s, you’ll remember these icons.This decade of youth challegened parents in a way never seen before. If the 60’s was […]

Toys with Hype

Do you remember when Magic Rocks, Sea Monkeys and Pet Rocks were all the rage?  It seemed to incredible to be true, yet we all indulged our curiosity and bought in to the manufactures claims. Magic Rocks could have been from Mars with all the hype in advertising they got.  Little did we know, we […]

A Dorothy Experience

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel as though you were no longer on this planet, in an alternate world? As Dorothy said, “Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore”. It is such an eerie, unfamiliar, feeling that creeps up and consumes you in such a way, that you feel “out of body”. […]

Back to School Already?

Can you believe it is almost time to go back to school? “Back to school” has traditionally been a time filled with a sense of a new beginning. A new school year, new teachers, new classmates, new school, new friends, new books and new clothes. Getting a new wardrobe of clothing was always necessary for […]

Camping With “Guests”

I heard a group of people sitting across from me talking about going camping. They were excited about the adventure before them. Upon listening to this conversation, the file cabinets in my brain burst open and a memory washed over me. Even though I was in an Italian restaurant, my nostrils were filled with smells […]

Father’s Special Day

Father’s Day is the day we celebration our love for fathers. It is surely a day to evoke memories. If you celebrate with your father, or the father of your children, you are making memories. And if your special father is not with you, then you will remember with love – maybe you will make […]

Picking Blackberries

Lately the weather has been a huge topic of conversation. From Facebook, to old-fashioned communication, the topic is consistently about the weather, cold or hot. I have heard about all kinds of weather in terms of strange names. One name, associated with weather, is blackberry Winter. No, my memory is not about the weather! Instead, […]

Sunday Lunch

As I prepare Sunday lunch, I think about the joy it brings me to fix a weekly lunch that serves to bring my children and their families home. I strive to fix things that they will love out of a need to show how much I care about them. I remember loving them as cuddly […]

The Jetsons

We have come a long way in technology since I was a little girl. We, who have lived through the advancements stand amazed at how fast it seems to have taken the world. I remember studying computer programing in the 1980’s at the beginning of the home computer craze. Now, most homes have at least […]