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Where are the flags?

My grandfather was a veteran and was very diligent about the proper way to fly our flag. I have been flying my flag for the holiday and was wondering why I don’t see more people flying the flag? Actually, thousands of flags are flown daily. As long as the flag is made of weather proof […]

Bats In The Pool?

I noticed what I thought was a bat drinking in flight when the kids were swimming in the pool a few evenings ago. Are they attracted to swimming pool water? Probably so.  More than likely, it was the time of day that precipitated your bat viewing. Though bats were scarce in the area for several […]

Taking Precautions With Mosquitos

I read about the new virus that can come from mosquitoes and that it has already been found in Tennessee. Is it around here, yet? According to the Tennessee Department of Health, the confirmed case of Chikungunya was found in Madison, Tennessee. Madison is located around Nashville, so that would be Middle Tennessee, however, the […]

July 4th Celebratons

I read this week that Shakin the Lake has been cancelled. I really hate that because it is one of the few events that our whole family can enjoy. Do you know of any other family friendly things going on for the 4th of July? I agree that it is a shame and the community […]

School Is Out – Now What?

My kids have only been out of school for a few days and they are already bored. Do you know of any free or cheap things to do this summer to keep them busy?   It is often difficult for children to gear down after a busy school year. You might try some structured weekly […]

Looking for Heirlooms

I am a tomato lover and am wondering if I should be looking for heirloom tomatoes? I have heard that they are better than other varieties but I am not sure where to find these seeds or young plants. With tomatoes like many other things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Heirlooms are […]

Lake Levels

I have heard that the lake levels will not be up to par this boating season. Is this true and will it impact the summer fun on the lakes? Actually, Douglas Lake was just above full pool during mid week so there are no worries on that front. Cherokee Lake is still running just under […]

Iris Variety

My grandmother loved the iris and I am going to add some to my own flower garden in her memory. I know that she had bearded iris and was wondering if all are bearded or if this is a unique variety? Actually, there are several types of iris and most are adaptable in this area. […]

Gardening With Children

I am hoping to encourage my grandchildren to get outside a little more this summer and have planned several activities that I think that they might enjoy. One thing that I am looking forward to is doing a little gardening. I say a little because I have never attempted a garden before. I am looking […]

Homemade Bubbles

My grandchildren love bubbles and I have begun making the mixture for them from scratch. I have recently come across some recipes that include sugar or corn syrup. I have never used these before and was wondering if they are better than the others? Homemade bubble mixture is a real treat because it can produce […]

Wedding Venues

My youngest daughter just told us that she is planning to get married and we are thrilled. We love the young man that she is marrying and are looking forward having him as a son in law. The only problem is that they want to have a late June wedding and I just do not […]

Tulip Upkeep for the Easter Season

I really love fresh cut tulips, especially at Easter, and want to use them on my table for lunch. In the past, I have had trouble keeping them looking nice and was wondering if you have any tips to help sustain them longer?     While lovely, tulips have a very short span of life […]

Pets and Bees

I am really happy that it is getting warmer, however the rising temperature has made the wasp and bees around my house go crazy. I really am afraid of my dog getting stung when we go out for a walk and I am not too keen on getting stung myself. Do you have any suggestions? […]

What is Trending?

I have to admit that I am not very computer or internet oriented, though I am learning. I was wondering if you can explain to me what it means when something is trending? Also, I am confused about the point of twitter. I appreciate your help and thanks in advance. Actually, trending is related to […]

Why is Easter so late this year?

I was looking at the calendar the other day and it seems like Easter is really late this year? Is this the latest that Easter has ever been, because usually it is much earlier? Easter is on April 20th this year and that is fairly late in the section of dates that Easter can fall […]

Any Idea On School Makeup Days?

I was wondering if you have any idea when the make up days will be for snow? Also, how many days will students in Jefferson County be required to make up? I have heard several rumors but nothing has come home to let me know the plan and I would like to make arrangements because […]