Way Too Literal

jcp-reallyThe world is way too literal these days.  You want proof?  The roof of a local school just collapsed.  Thank goodness it was summer and nobody was in the building, but let’s face it, people.  The collapse of the education system isn’t supposed to be a literal, physical collapse.  Perhaps I am currently walking several steps beyond the distance I needed to travel.  I don’t think so.  Things are just too literal these days.  Say what you want, but I am not gathering up mole hills and shaping them into a larger geological formation.  Nor am I making a big deal out of something small.

Now there are those that would contend I am examining apples then examining oranges and constructing a Venn diagram to find their similarities when it is their differences that matter.  Simply put, they are wrong.  They are on the wrong side of the fence in this argument.  Unfortunately, they think they need wire cutters.  They obviously can’t see the forest for the trees, and in their case, it’s because they are standing too close to a tree.  People need to take a step back, you know, not with their feet, and re-examine how they respond to language.  When people take things so literally, it gets on my last nerve, which now that I think about must be a very confusing phrase for literalists.  Either that’s one big nerve to have all those people stand on it or those are very small people.  One of those interpretations makes sense, if you don’t take it literally.


Source: David Swann