Afraid Of Getting Wet?

jcp-reallyHave you ever noticed people stop swimming when it starts raining?  That’s one of those things that confuse me.  Really?  Are you afraid you’re gonna get wet while you swim?  It just doesn’t make sense.

I was at the beach recently, and it was showering.  No thunder.  No lightning.  Just rain.  In fact, part of the time the sun was even shining while it was raining, which for some reason gives me the same feeling as watching any movie with Gene Wilder.  You want to like it, but you just don’t know if you can, and seeing someone else enjoy it leaves you both envious and slightly nauseous.

At any rate, the beach cleared, which I can understand because most of the women on the beach looked synthetic enough that melting was a real possibility.  The ocean also cleared as well as the pool.  That makes about as much sense as the Illusions of Magic show advertised by the plane buzzing up and down the beach.  Redundant title is redundantly redundant and says the same thing twice.  ‘Illusions of Magic.’  Unless there is some other kind of magic I’m unaware of, I think the title is a bit long.  ‘Illusions,’ okay.  ‘Magic,’ okay.  ‘A waste of money,’ okay.

So in short, I am confused.  People pay to see Illusions of Magic which seems to me to be but a shell of itself, but get out of free water because the rain is making them wet.  I guess the only thing left is asking what Gene Wilder would do then do the opposite as you feel strangely dirty and inexplicably unsatisfied.

Source: David Swann