First Day For Patriot Academy

Ashley West, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

Ashley West, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

Monday marked the nearing end of summer for the incoming Jefferson County High School freshman class. The students arrived to the Freshman Academy at 9 a.m. Following their arrival, students received class schedules and were sorted into four “teams.” Each team was then led to their designated wing of the school where they met with their teachers and new classrooms. Apart from touring the school, each team also took part in the annual freshman orientation activities. After ninja freeze, duck-duck-goose, and lunch, the students put on a newspaper fashion show for their peers to remind them of the dress code. Students had a good laugh at the “what-not-to-wear” portion of the runway including the boys dressed in newspaper miniskirts over their jeans. After cleaning up the newspaper, the kids went to meet their homeroom until parents picked them up. Afterward, parents could tour the new school with their children before the close of orientation. This is the first time in more than three decades that the freshman class is not located on the Main Campus of Jefferson County High School and marks a new era of education in Jefferson County.


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