Thank You

editorial-logo3It has been a sad and stressful week in Jefferson County. The recent tragic wreck on I-40 that ended 8 lives and injured 14 others, combined with other accidents, has made many pause and reassess the blessings in their life. As a community, Jefferson County made me proud this week. Certainly, we have our issues, but we came together when the chips were really down and that says a lot about the substance of the people that live here. First Responders, Churches, Businesses and individuals worked in unison to ease the plight of those in need.

In every situation, there are those that rush in to help and those that stand and watch. We are fortunate in Jefferson County to have a large group of people that are doers not lookers. Perhaps it is the essence of a largely rural community, where neighbor must depend on neighbor. Perhaps it is a southern hospitality thing or, perhaps, it can be attributed to a calling to action. Whichever reason you subscribe to, our community is filled with those that step up and make a difference.

To our First Responders, both the volunteer and the employed, thank you. There is no man or woman that considers a career as a police officer or firefighter or emergency worker or dispatcher because the pay is so good. It is a calling, pure and simple. And I, for one, am thankful that you have answered that call with dignity and purpose. This week, I have seen you stretched to your limit and, still, you preformed admirably. For the large, press worth situations, such as the recent I-40 accident, and the not so news worthy  daily efforts, such as fighting off a swarm of yellow jackets as they attack a child and grandmother, you stand between our community and tragedy. You don’t have to, but you do. Thank You.

To the churches and individuals that came out to embrace those traveling through our community. You embody the spirit of a true community and your actions will serve as a reminder that we live shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart, regardless of politics or position. You are the example. Thank You.

To the businesses that opened their doors, without consideration of money, to those in need. You have proven that the bottom line is second to the plight of the people. It is that giving back that has made this Country great and, though it may be lost in some areas, it is alive and well in Jefferson County. Thank You.

We are a group of volunteers, rushers in, tire changing, lost animal loving, yellow jacket killing, fire fighting, needy feeding individuals that have chosen to live in this area and form a community. If you sometimes wonder, and I must admit that I sometimes do, we do it well. Thank You.

Source: K. Depew, News Director