Mary Burton’s: No Escape

Mary Burtons No EscapeThere are very few things that I enjoy more than a good book and if I can share a find with others then I am even more excited. One of my favorite books of recent months is Mary Burton’s The Seventh Victim and I have recommended it highly. Burton has followed up with an equally thrilling tale that was just released last week. No Escape has Burton’s eye for detail that I truly appreciate in a story. I don’t need everything to be tied up in a pretty package, complete with a bow, but I do need a story to work. Nothing is as frustrating as coming to the finishing pages of a book and being disappointed by the ending. No worries, with Burton’s latest offering. She will keep you turning pages, with one eye on the print and the other on the window, into the wee hours of the night. Psychologist Jolene Granger is easy to identify with and is the perfect foil for the disturbing evil that is serial killer Smith and his equally disturbing trainee. Fast paced and seriously creepy, in the way that a good thriller should be, Burton fans will not be disappointed and those new to the author will surely find themselves looking for some of her earlier works. Sometimes, when an author has pounded out several books, the stories become stale and almost rote. Burton delivers spine tingling satisfaction in No Escape and leaves the reader anxious for her next work. Pick up a copy, if you dare, and be prepared to sleep with the lights on. Burton has now moved to my list of must read authors and I am looking forward to seeing more of what she puts on the page. No Escape is a thrill a minute and worth every penny of the soft cover price. There is no escaping the fact that with No Escape Mary Burton delivers, again.

Source: Victoria Symanski, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer