Pride Goes Before A Fall

editorial-logo3We are quickly approaching the close of 2013 and the government is winding down for the year. One would think that this would be a time of relative peace, as there really isn’t that much on anyone’s plate that must be dealt with right now. The truth is that you can feel the tension humming at the County Commission meetings and it is probably a good thing that Monday’s meeting is likely the last one for several weeks. Personality differences have always played a large part in the operation and function of this Commission. I would have expected that this many years into their term, there would be some calming of the waters but that is simply not the case. Added to the poisonous punch is the recent law suit that was file by citizens and names, among others, the Commission members individually. Those that have vocally supported open records are less than pleased with their more covert cohorts. Another point that rankles some members is the absence of both Commissioners and Department Heads at meetings. They instigated a new policy that no item can be brought up in the voting meeting if those making the request are not present for questions during the work session. This voting meeting will be the first test of that policy and it should prove interesting to see if they will uphold their own policy or if it will become another team voting issue.

I have spent many months watching this Commission interact with the public, other elected officials and each other and I believe that the root of their problems lies in a lack of respect for others. If they were children, some would spend a great deal of time in the corner. Just because enough have formed an alliance to pass or deny almost any motion that comes before them, it doesn’t mean that they should. There is certainly power in numbers…but with power comes responsibility. Do they know what is broken on this Commission? Some do and some are blissfully unaware. I don’t know which is more dangerous. Are they going to fix it anytime soon? I rather seriously doubt it. If it is true that Pride goes before a fall, then this Commission is in for a rough 2014. The colder it gets, the hotter it gets. And it looks like it could get really hot before the turkey is carved and the jingle bells ring. And then again, they may just spend the meeting texting.

Source: K. Depew, News Director