I Love Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. I love the family time, and the festive spirit. Oh, and I love the food. I always have a large family event for the holiday and I love to play hostess. Most years, things have gone smoothly and the day passes without incident. One particular Thanksgiving, however, that was not the case. My husband and I had just moved into our new home and I was excited to be able to welcome his family for Thanksgiving. We were a young couple and our children and dogs filled our new home with joy…usually. On that Thanksgiving, we had purchased a large turkey and spent hours cooking it to perfection. I remember the delicious aroma of turkey and the fixing filled the house and it seemed like everything was going off like clockwork. My husband took the turkey out of the oven and we laid it on the dining room table, among my bridal china. Feeling pleased with ourselves, we stepped outside for a few moments before our guests arrived. When we returned indoors, we were horrified. One of our precious pups had jumped up on the dining room table and knocked the turkey to the floor, so that her canine siblings could enjoy our Thanksgiving feast. If it hadn’t been so appalling, it would have been funny…almost. Only our furry family members had turkey that year-the rest of us ate ham. Looking back, it is just one more comical family memory but at the time it seemed tragic. Naturally, we did not tell my mother in law that the dog had been on the dining room table, with the rest of the wonderful food. What the family doesn’t know won’t hurt them…or me! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, from my home to yours and be sure to keep the turkey on the table!

Source: K.P. Guessen