Tastes Like Groundhog

editorial-logo3The recent snap of bitterly cold weather has given me a lot of time to think and that is both good and bad. First, I want to commend the First Responders in Jefferson County for the tremendous job that they did when the snow and ice hit the ground last week. It was a mess out there but they stepped up and, though it was uncomfortable for many of us, it was survivable and that really is the bottom line. Thanks to the road crews that spent many hours making the roads passable. It really does take everyone doing their part to make this community function but not all of us are charged with doing the heavy lifting during emergencies and I am always thankful for those that do. I certainly hope that you are remembered during budget time.

Getting home was challenging for some of our citizens, as the snow began to fall, and our school children were no exception. Let’s hope that we shot the learning curve on this one and there is no repeat. Let’s also hope that this debacle is remembered by the public, as well, when they are tempted to criticize decisions regarding school closings and delays. In the end, it was cold. It was snowy. It was icy. It melted…well, almost.

And, that brings me to the most despiteous event that has happened this week. The little rodent saw his shadow and, by lore, that means six more weeks of winter. If the past several weeks are any indication of what lies ahead, I am favoring a large pot of groundhog stew. I have a friend that has a recipe. No, I really wouldn’t eat poor old Phil but I can’t speak for our neighbors south of the Tennessee border. With multiple car pile ups and walking miles home in the snow and ice, they might just be ready for a good pot of stew and, I have heard, that their tastes are not nearly as discriminating.

Source: K. Depew, News Director