Gifts for the Mother-in-Law

Asked AnsweredI am having a really hard time deciding what to purchase for my mother in law. She buys everything that she wants and she really wants very little. In fact, she has begun gifting items throughout the year to clear out some of the stuff in her home. I could really use some inspiration on this one. She is 71 and very active.

It becomes more and more difficult to give gifts to people as they age because, unlike those that are still spending lots of money raising children, those retired folks often have some disposable income and purchase what they need. Also, they simply don’t feel the need for a lot of stuff. Try looking for something that can be used up, such as lotion or special soaps. Food items are also nice, as are lovely flower arrangements. Also consider a small gift and a donation to their favorite charity. Most people reach an age where it really it the thought that matters. Consider the hobbies and what is important to your mother in law and I am sure that you will come up with a plan. Maybe even something that you can do together would be nice.

Source: K. Depew, News Director