Pack Goats

Really 300xI recently discovered that there is actually such a thing as a pack goat. Tell me that’s not the most brilliant idea mankind has put forth. Oh, the things I’d do with my very own pack goat. I would enroll in a college class and have it carry my books. I’d take a vacation somewhere with lots of shopping and never even consider wearing a fanny pack. I’d charge little people ten cents for a ride. I’d hike long distances with rations I don’t have to carry. I’d take it to the store and buy milk. Then I’d let my pack goat carry the milk so everyone would be confused about whether it was now technically goat milk. I’d take it sledding in the snow and roast marshmallows with it. Yes, I know those last two have nothing to do with the packing nature of a pack goat, but I’d be so excited I wouldn’t even care.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t yet see the value in a goat that carries your belongings. She has a purse, but the concept still eludes her. Fortunately, I have a birthday coming up and hold out hope she changes her mind. I’m just afraid if I pester her too much, she’ll tell me to pack my bags and I will obviously not have a goat to carry them.

Source: David Swann