A Healthy Image of Women

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Hark! There’s great news for women with curves! Ashley Graham is leading the way for a new era of the fashionable figure type: curvy! The beautiful full-figured woman is the first model of her size to be chosen for Sports Illustrated magazine. This is a major step for women in the fashion world. The tall, slim-figure type has been the fashion icon for years, and has brought on many health issues due to other women having poor self-image by comparison, leading to extreme dieting and eating disorders.

There is a whole new trend raging in the fashion world to celebrate the curvy, full-figured woman. For centuries women were depicted by famous artists with rounder hips and thighs, as this was considered the pinnacle of femininity. Voluptuous women were the image of desire. For that matter, the average woman has many of the same characteristics, and has often had to fight the standards set by the media.

Health is the major issue, both physical and emotional, for women. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Working out and eating healthily should be the tools used to make the body healthier and stronger, instead of damaging the body beyond your natural build.

My hat is off to Ashley Graham, Sports Illustrated, and the fashion industry for embracing a healthy image, promoting a positive self-image for women of all shapes and sizes.

When trying to accentuate your femininity, it is important to remember that character is most important. Compassion, kindness, intelligence, grace, and a sense of humor will bring comfort to your significant other beyond all else.