Trimming Down for Spring

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Darlings, as the buds are coming out on the trees it is time to step out of our winter nest and begin to bloom with a toned, slimmer body. Oh, I know how this winter has required lots of comfort food as we were snuggled in against the ice and snow.  It’s time to replace the joy of delicious hot chocolate, cookies, gooey toasted cheese sandwiches, and the comfort foods that added pounds with lots of leafy green vegetables, fruit and protein.  Dragging my body back to discipline has not been easy, but I have discovered some great replacements for healthier food.

Justin’s Candy Company is a blessing for chocolate lovers; it is organic and made without preservatives and is lower in calories.  Justin’s peanut butter cups are made with real peanut butter and pure chocolate.  There is a whole array of delicious healthier candy alternative choices made by Justin’s. The road to success is remembering portion control with any food, while not making yourself miserable by completely denying yourself some treats!

My quest to find the healthiest foods to kick off the winter pounds includes water crest, a small leafy green vegetable with a delicious peppery taste.  Water crest has more food value than kale, while kale has been the top choice healthy green vegetable. Toss lots of water crest into salads, use it with romaine lettuce on burgers and all types of sandwiches.  The British are famous for their water crest tea sandwiches, made much like cucumber sandwiches.  Low fat cream cheese blended with small amounts of light mayo, finely chopped sweet onion, and diced jalapeno peppers, all spread on one’s favorite bread and topped with water crest, is my version of the water crest sandwich.

Getting enough protein for that great muscle definition that makes clothes look fabulous on one’s body can be tricky: I drink a high protein drink for breakfast.  I am not a breakfast person, and usually coffee was my only start of the day. Knowing I’Il needed more protein for a healthier body, it is so easy to grab a bottle of a great tasting source of high protein out of the fridge first thing in the morning.  Toss some in the freezer and it turns into a frappe treat later in the day.

Also, frozen berries blended into a sorbet consistency is a marvelous sweet replacement.  I think of this when it is time to for a dessert, so I feel contented with a delicious treat that is healthy.  Frozen grapes are also a slimming choice instead if ice cream or cake.

Exercise is a must along with the healthy diet. Believe me, this writer knows the discipline it takes to work out each day, or even three times a week.  The results, though, arrange the hips in the right place and whittle the waist line into a smaller size.  A celebration, commemorated with a new outfit in a smaller size, is always a great motivator, though!  It helps to have an exercise partner to encourage one not to skip the workout.

Water, water, water is a must! Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

Sure, it is a natural desire to want all the comfort foods and desserts; just remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!