Easy Tricks to Solve A Makeup Emergency

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Darlings, I know the frustration of running out of a certain makeup, leaving it at the gym, having a teen daughter borrowing it and running out the door with out remembering to leave a message, or simply having it fall out of one’s bag.

Having had all the above happen, I have discovered how to use a specific makeup to replace the one needed.  Eye shadow, if a brown or taupe color is in one’s collection, can be used to fill in brows if your brow pencil or gel is missing.  Use lipstick to substitute for blush; most of the time this looks prettier than the powder blush because it has a patina the dry blush lacks.  Tanning product used in very small amounts can be beautiful for bronzer: just use a very small amount on the forehead, hollow under the cheek bone and dot the chin, and use even less to contour the face under the chin and neckline to blend with your makeup base.  Blush and bronzer are really important because this product contours the face, bringing out the beauty of the shape and bones.

Can’t find the tiny brush for blending the brows into shape?  This is solved by using the teeth of a comb.  A famous makeup artist taught me this trick. Darlings, remember these simple tricks and a make up emergency is solved in a second!

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