The Dallas Mad Hatters’ Event

Carmen Surgent

L/R: Debbie Murray, Yvonne Crum, Carolyn Tiller

Yvonne Crum

Yvonne Crum

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Darlings, each year my readers ask when an article for the Mad Hatters’ Event for the Women’s Council  of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden will be in my column.  Well, it is that time again!  This year more of the event is presented, the table settings, the menu, winner of the BEST of SHOW and a beautiful hat with the whole outfit worn by a most famous Dallas socialite.

The most outrageous hats are designed for months before the event and are made at the last minute because they are made of all natural, fresh flowers.  There is even a contest for the most unusual among the exotic multitude of hats on parade in the beautiful setting of the spring garden.

And beautiful it is!  This year the theme was based on Paris.  Blue and white toile fabric, being a favorite of France, was used for the table cloths, the centerpiece was a small replica of the Eiffel Tower with flowers and twining garden greens, while white china and white chairs completed the charming luncheon setting.  Crepes with a filling of chicken and a sauce of cream mushrooms and white wine, served with asparagus on a bed of seasoned rice, was the chosen French cuisine.  Last but not least on the menu was a mouth-watering lemon tart, topped with an almond macaroon with a “dollop” of crème Chantilly. Oh, how I want that luscious lemon tart – yummy!  Of course, darlings, a very delicious champagne was served with each course. All the while, eyes were roaming the crowd to find the most unusual hat among the array of exotic and rare designs.

One hat stood out of the sea of colors and designs, and how could it not?  The complete city of Paris, made in three dimensions and blazing with color, is not to be missed. Carmen Surgent brought the house down with her choice and won the Best of Show award.

My choice for the most beautiful complete outfit, hat and dress, was worn by Yvonne Crum. She wore this same outfit eleven ears ago for this same event and was delighted it still fit so perfectly.  That is rare indeed to have such a perfect lasting figure.

This Mad Hatters’ Event is a Dallas favorite, and certainly seems to be for my readers also, so once again we get a peek of such delight from our Dallas friends!

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