Tigers on a Goat Leash

Really 300xThere are very few things in the world that make me happier than misheard music lyrics and, of course, goats. Anybody that follows my column knows this to be massively evident and may even recall musings of “big ole Chad and Delilah” or fabulously utilitarian pack goats. When those things come around, I can’t help but smile.

My wife recently recalled an old friend who thought the Police song “Spirits in the Material World” said “Spirits in my cereal bowl.” That, my friends, is hilarious, and a very early start to the party, I might add. The only thing better would have been a goat eating the spirited corn flakes.

And that is where the pride of a father steps eagerly into the picture. It seems my daughter has gloriously misheard the song lyric “tigers on a gold leash.” She was under the completely understandable, and dare I say delightful, impression the line was “tigers on a goat leash.” Where I come from, they call that good parenting.

Source: David Swann