Hermes Birkin Bag Exceptional Collection

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Well, darlings, not much in the fashion world surprises me, but the Hermes Birkin Bag Exceptional Collection that sold for $203,150 did my make my jaw drop.  In fact I had to sit down and catch my breath as my head was swirling with disbelief. I knew the prized Hermes bags sold for an average price of $36,000, but this new realm of money for a hand bag was something to think about.  Sure, the rouge crocodile bag had an 18 karat gold clasp, studded with diamonds, and entering a room with this treasure in hand would make every woman gasp with desire. Immediately a Rolls Royce, a huge diamond ring, or the best of the best full length sable coat with a hood came into my mind; even a house for an average family and a car  would cost about the same price.

The Heritage Auction company in Dallas sold the bag, and I imagine when the gavel pounded “SOLD” the House of Hermes in Paris, always known as the most elite in leather, silk scarves, jewelry, and anything with the Hermes emblem, realized an even more elevated status.

Who knows, this type of Hermes Birkin Bag may even set a new trend among billionaires for presenting a 25 karat diamond engagement instead of the typical jewelry box. 

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