Amusement(?) Parks

Really 300xI’ve just come back from vacation as it strikes me that amusement parks are poorly named. Perhaps, and I’m just throwing this out there, they should be called Hell’s furnace of eternal exhaustion and monetary atrocity. I was certainly not amused when I paid four thousand dollars for a bottle of water in a futile attempt to arrest the corona like increase in body temperature due to Florida’s “beautiful” climate. By beautiful, I of course mean hot, the kind of hot that makes sweat bees sweat, attracting tiny sweat bees of their own. Hey, but at least it wasn’t crowded at the amusement park. Once, I was even able to turn around without touching someone, someone sweaty and smelly and devoid of any joy, without the slightest little sliver of humor or tolerance.

Amusement park is a strange name indeed. Yet, what is even more bizarre is I would willingly go back, albeit armed with free water, a working knowledge of every air conditioned nook and cranny, nose plugs, and more cash, lots more cash.
Source: David Swann