The Summer Wedding Season

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Hello darlings, summer is a favorite time for weddings and has been for centuries.  Much to my amazement, this time of the year was chosen in the past when people only bathed twice a year – the first time being in the month of May.  It was thought the bath was still fresh and the flowers were blooming, and brides also carried bouquets to mask any unpleasant body odors.  The sweet scent of the flowers was the first impression of the bride.  Isn’t past hygiene a surprise to the daily bath or shower? Now we have hundreds of products used to give a fresh scent and perfumes that allure or have a signature scent.

With that bit of history to explain why Summer became a perfect time for weddings, let’s get down to business: there are some new trends for wedding gowns!  One of the most unusual current fashions for brides is a floral print or floral embroideries scattered on parts of the gown in the natural colors of the particular flowers. Also, silver and gold beading on the whole bodice with more gold or silver scattered on the skirt of the wedding gown is a very popular style with major designers right now.

The ball gown style with a billowing full skirt is becoming a popular choice for brides.  This style is favored by haute couture designers and copied for every budget.  One of the most beautiful is a snow white strapless with a sweetheart neckline and the billowing skirt (worn with hoop slip underneath), enhanced by gold metallic ribbon swayed in a very elegant  manner over areas of the snow white skirt. This gown is breathtaking!

All brides are beautiful, and with so many choices are available, a bride must follow her heart for her dream wedding gown.  A wedding day is so filled with dreams coming true: the man of her dreams and the dress of her dreams, surrounded by loved ones on a day all about the lovely couple.  Darlings, may your Summer season be filled with such enchantment!