A Trend to Avoid

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Darlings, I must share an opinion with you; the gladiator type shoes that cover part of the ankle are the least flattering shoes to the female leg. This style shortens the length of the leg, resulting in a stocky appearance instead of a sleek feminine look .  Oh, yes, I have fallen prey to the current fashion trend of wearing the shoes that diminish the beauty of the legs.  Every time I wear these shoes, honestly, I resent myself for capitulating to the demand of being fashionable for the sheer sake of doing so, rather than utilizing what really is most becoming.  My advice to readers has always been “beware of trends that do not enhance one’s appearance!”

Shoes – I love shoes, but not these that sabotage the long sleek look of a woman’s legs.  The time can not come soon enough when this style totally disappears off the displays in stores and is only a memory of how many women diluted their feminine allure with this trend.

Want to know the most classic, beautiful shoe that is timeless?  The Chanel design, beige in color with a black pointed toe and sling back heel!

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