Does Maury Middle School Have a Homecoming Queen?

Asked AnsweredI was wondering why Maury Middle School does not crown a homecoming queen? I believe that the other schools do, as does little league football and Jefferson County High School. It just seems odd that one school would not do what the others do. Is there not a policy for these type of things?

The decision was made around ten years ago to suspend the crowning of a queen for homecoming at Maury Middle School. At the time, several staff members had concerns regarding the expense that some of the parents were incurring, as well as the competitive atmosphere. Though the homecoming court remained a part of the celebration, the dress coed for court members and the crowning of a queen were altered. To my knowledge, there is no board policy that governs homecoming activities in regard to the crowning of a homecoming queen and the decision to crown, as well as the method of determining who is crowned, is up to the independent schools.

Source: K. Depew, News Director