Office Attire Tips

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Hello, darlings. If you have just graduated from school and  have a new office job, here are some suggestions for perfect office attire.  Believe me, this is important and can make or break keeping the job or advancing.  Clothes are the first image of what a person represents.  So, let’s start with a hem length skirt or dress with the hem line only a fraction above the knee or at the knee; this is the most business-like length. 

Black, navy, or beige are the usual colors worn in an office, but more color is certainly acceptable and gives one an individual flare.  A soft pink blazer over a chocolate brown dress is a great combination for the office, or a black jacket with a print turned up cuff over a crème color skirt and cami.  Gray in different shades is most elegant. A charcoal blazer over a pale gray blouse with a gray tweed pencil skirt is another office favorite.

 Wear simple earrings, such as small gold or sliver hoops and small pearl earrings. A watch with a couple of small bracelets worn on the same arm gives a great touch of fashion. 

Pumps with a heel no higher than 3 inches are the perfect  shoe choice. Sandles or slides are generally too casual for a business office.

Nail polish should be neutral or a French finish. This is elegant and simple.  Save the latest fun trends for nails on weekends or holidays.

Your boss or cooperate office will be pleased at your elegance and good taste. Remember, clothes present the first image of a person.