Kardashian Lips

Caroline Graham Swann

Caroline Graham Swann

Hello darlings, I have often wondered what cosmetics Kim Kardashian uses to get the subtle but beautiful look for her lips. Honestly, this is about the only thing I like about her sense of fashion; she is usually too far over the top to be truly a fashion icon. Her lips, however, I do like, so I’ve researched the cosmetics she uses to enhance her sultry lips. Here is her method of magic to full luscious lips with a natural becoming look.

Mac’s lip pencil in Boldly Bare is used to line the lips to give definition and then to fill in the color overall. Next, she uses Kardashians Beauty Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Natural Honey shade, which gives the dewy romantic gloss.

As a compliment, a great makeup blessing is an eye liner that does not weep down the cheeks or magically disappear during the day or night. It is a surprise to spend such care applying makeup, especially to the eyes, and then a couple of hours later going to the ladies’ room, looking in the mirror, and discovering the eyeliner has created a raccoon under-eye look or is completely gone. The best waterproof eye liner is Stilla Stay All Day Smudge Stick. This can be trusted to stay on, even with tears and hot humid weather. It is also available in liquid eye liner.

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