Why Do Birds Sit on Power Lines?

Asked AnsweredI have always wondered why birds sit on power lines. Is it to get or stay warm?

Birds have a natural instinct to stay high away from predators. They scan for danger before ever moving. In a birds perspective, a power line is just like a long, perfect sized tree branch,just without all the troubles of being in a tree. This is an extreme advantage point: no slinking predators waiting to pounce, and no bigger birds looking for an afternoon snack. They have a larger sight range and also since birds are social, they can hang out with their friends. As another bird comes to sit on a power line, the entire row will move over for him. This shows how social and kind creatures they really are. Although, have you ever see any large birds on power lines? I haven’t. This is because of multiple reasons: one is that they are too heavy, the other is that their talons can not grab and hold on to the power lines. That is just one more danger gone for birds on power lines. On a side note, have you ever seen a bird get electrocuted? It’s actually very unlikely, unless a bird made of an electricity conductor, say copper, came flying along one day. Birds are not conductors, so they won’t get shocked. The wires or conductors in the power lines are also insulated by a rubber or plastic. So, birds are at an amazing advantage when sitting on power lines. No wonder they line up in rows at every possible space to find on them. These kind little creatures have figured out how to use our society to their advantage. (Just talk to the pigeons.)

Source: Sophie Swann, Guest Writer