Global Warming and Terrorism

Really 300xI try not to get political on these pages, but a funny thing happened in the latest presidential debate. Bernie Sanders linked terrorism and global warming. Apparently, I’m somehow supposed to believe people terrorize Paris because they’re thirsty. Yes, global warming will melt ice caps leading to immense flooding, but amazingly, it also will make people thirsty, angry people, with automatic weapons and bombs strapped to their torsos. Now, I understand Paris is a trailblazer in bottled water history, but I doubt this weekend’s horrific acts are related to Perrier. To this line of thinking, I sincerely respond, really? Really, Bernie Sanders? Perhaps, just perhaps, a group of fanatics that want everyone to live as they do, or die, attacked the French people out of sheer hatred. Perhaps we shouldn’t excuse their actions or divert from the venom which gives rise to them. We live in a time where some are willing to protest a fast food restaurant for an opinion on gay marriage, yet defend a group who throw gay people from atop buildings. Common sense, love and decency must at some point prevail, no matter how thirsty you are.

Source: David Swann