Really 300xThanksgiving is once again upon us, a beautiful time of year, unless of course, you’re a turkey or glazable pig. And while it’s easy to mistake this holiday for an opportunity to inflate childhood icons to alarming sizes or ingest enough food to cause a belly to increase to alarming sizes putting someone’s eye out from a flying trouser button faster than you can say “Red Rider BB Gun,” the real meaning is much more important and less likely to cause nightmares.

Thankfulness isn’t a moment, or even a day. It is a state of mind. Some might even say a state of being. My sincere hope for you is that your holiday season be filled with love and your heart with thankfulness. For it’s been said many times, and rightfully so, a thankful heart is a happy heart. So in that spirit, let me bring a smile to my own face by saying thank you for being a faithful reader of this fair column. And remember, when your Uncle Si’s after his third piece of pumpkin pie, cover your eyes.

Source: David Swann