Star Wars

Really 300xMy wife has a talking Wookiee. While that may sound like a personal problem you don’t openly share with others, it turns out it’s a really good thing for a Star Wars junkie. Now I know most of you have probably never heard of Star Wars. It’s a small, independent film with a prequel just released. Not much publicity, really, so you may not be familiar with the story line. A pirate dude, kinda like Captain Jack Sparrow without the rum swagger, and his two legged, seven foot dog haul a talented kid with a fancy flashlight toward his destiny alongside his mentor. His father tries to kill him then turns nice and cries. In truth, it’s kinda like an episode of The Voice if it included the taxi ride to the studio. In fact, Blake Shelton could very well be a Jedi master. It’s hard to tell.

At any rate, I got my wife a stuffed Wookiee, that’s the two legged dog that talks, well, Wookiee groans, in this really cute way that makes you want to pet him on his enormous furry head. Star Wars people are very easy to please. Just mention the Force, buy them a groaning Wookiee, never mention the name Jar Jar Binks or the phrase, “Now that’s pod racing,” and never, ever confuse Star Wars with Star Trek. The last one can get you suffocated with a stuffed Wookiee.

Source: David Swann