Mystery Sphere

Really 300xAs a teacher, should you ever have reason to enter a school, I offer some drop dead serious advice – beware of the mystery substance. Adults tend to rationalize a peculiar moment by predetermining that no one would do that and you just don’t find that sort of stain in a civilized society. They are wrong, very, very wrong. That unnaturally round ball of mud laying in the hallway should alert you that something is amiss and cause a cautious step backwards.

Consider it for a moment. If social norms were being applied, the ‘mud’ would not be spherical. Clearly social conventions are being broken. The extent of the violation, however, may not be readily apparent to the civilized person who, quite frankly, can’t conceptualize the near certainty that the sphere in question is, in fact, not mud at all.

You may be wondering why it would be laying in a hallway, staring down passersby like an indignant Muppet, mute, yet haunting in its ability to apply its gaze to your soul. Those types of metaphysical wranglings are folly in that moment of awkward silence as reality drifts down the hall and into your nostrils. It can’t be, but it is. Oh, it is.

Do not hesitate and for goodness sake, don’t pick it up. Walk away. Just walk away.

Source: David Swann