A Challenge: Things Gone By

This week I’m challenging you to remember ten “things gone by” (no longer a part of your life). The dictionary defines past, as “things gone by”. Things that you miss and would love to still have today. So…take the challenge and determine if you can find ten “things gone by” that you would want back. Here are my ten “things gone by.”

Old Westerns: “The Lone Ranger” with the William Tell Overture by Rossini as the theme, and “Hi ho Silver, Away” echoing in the background. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Trigger and the boys on the ranch, and Gene Autrey, the singing cowboy. We were shaped by the westerns and their morality. We knew that, no matter what, the guy in the white hat would come out on top.

Knowing My Neighbors: Bring back the times of parking in the streets of Dandridge and knowing everyone’s name. I love our new neighbors, but would still love the secure feelings of knowing everyone again.

Church Picnics: Church picnics were once held after special occasions in the church family. Easter parades with decorated bikes and wagons of crepe paper streamers and egg hunts added to the comradeship of church friends. Life was celebrated in the church, creating a feeling of comfort.

School Recess: Well, not for me, but for the children. The morning and afternoon play periods were important for social and physical development.

Penny Gum Machines: (Or anything a penny will buy) Groceries are ridiculously high, as is gasoline, electricity, gas, water, and medicine. These are staples of life and should be more accessible to all. Bring back the prices of gentler days.

Front Porch Swings: At dusk, instead of rushing around, we sat on a swing on the front porch to enjoy and exchange small talk with others, or just simply gaze at the stars.

Dances: Weekly dances at the skating rink in Jefferson City offered teenagers a venue to gather and have fun, not to mention the exercise. With today’s driving restrictions, double dating is out. I believe this generation of teens would be enjoy them as much as my generation did.

Manners: Need I say more?

S&H Green Stamps: Give me something for my money!

My Young Body: Oh, to turn flips, or just move, without my body screeching at me for mercy!

Source: K. P. Guessen