Editorial – All About The Holidays

This week should be all about the upcoming Holidays, but we all know that the topic on most people’s mind is the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Families ripped apart because of a terrible decision made by an obviously disturbed young man. It was a senseless act that will reverberate on and on. I just hope that people, politicians, special interest groups, do not take this opportunity to make their points on issues that are better left to a time when clearer heads prevail. If we, as a Nation, act in haste, we will repent in leisure. No matter how tragic and emotional the events of last week are…and they are exceptionally tragic and emotional…the Country cannot be governed by emotion. Logic and reason must prevail, or we lost more at Sandy Hook than precious lives. We lost our way of life. For or against gun control and every more moderate position in between, decisions that impact the rights of the citizens of this Nation should not be off the cuff or in the heat of the moment. We are better than that. We are smarter than that. We will grieve and cry and scream at the injustice of innocence lost and we should. We will not let one disturbed young man drive the actions of this Nation, and any politician that jumps on either wagon in the face of the events of last week should be soundly voted from office. God bless those families and children who met with their worst nightmare last week. I hope they, and we, find peace.

Source: K. Depew, News Director