Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are always good ones. I don’t remember any in my many years that were not filled with joy. It’s just the time of year to spread the Christmas spirit throughout the world. I remember how much my Father loved Christmas. When my Mother wrapped presents and placed them lovingly under the tree, he would somehow decide that we should peek into one of the packages. He would hand me one with my name, and quickly pick one with his name, and we would peel the wrapper back just enough to see what lay inside. Wrapping it back to perfection was part of the game, as was keeping the secret from my Mother.

He was always guessing, or trying to guess what might be in his packages. He would shake, measure and feel every present with his name attached. Sometimes he guessed right and sometimes not… mostly not. He would offer, “I’ll tell you, if you tell me”. I don’t think my Mother trusted our knowing what each other had (he did stay in touch with Santa and never revealed what the big man was bringing).

One year when some of the grandchildren were around, my Dad decided that something unusual was happening. He came to the conclusion, from our behaviors, that we were getting him a gift together. He was so curious! He could not shake, feel, measure or guess, as the item was not put under the tree until we opened presents.

Well, the two oldest grandchildren were around four and five and were privy to what granddaddy was getting. My Dad pulled out all the tricks, trying to get me and others to tell him, but to no success. So, he asked the grandchildren. Of course the little ones did not know. And the five year old wouldn’t tell, no matter what Granddaddy said. But… the four year old almost gave in when he answered with a whisper, “I can’t tell you Grandaddy, but you sit in it, and put your feet up”. “Oh, and it’s green”! Now my Dad knew he was getting a big Burkline recliner. My nephew went away happy, as he had made Granddaddy happy, without having to tell him what he was getting for Christmas! Oh… what wonderful Christmas memories.

Source: K.P. Guessen