Fun with Creation: Crystal Easter Eggs

Growing YearsWith Easter coming up, enjoy with your children an easy science experiment that’s a fun to observe chemical reaction for kids!

Supplies Needed:

Borax (found with laundry detergent)


Jars or vases (glass)

Egg shells (cleaned with warm water)

Food coloring


Prepare the eggs by carefully removeing the top portion of the egg-shell (a small opening for a couple and a bigger opening for a couple).

Empty the egg contents and rinse out the egg shells with hot water.

Mix the solution (below).

Add lots of food coloring to the water.

Add the eggs, they will float.

Put the eggs in a place that you can easily observe them as the magic happens.

Let your crystal eggs work their magic for 24-48 hours.

You will be surprised at the awesome crystal eggs.

The Solution:

In a pot or container, dissolve 9 tbsp of Borax in 3 cups of very hot water.

Boiled the water first so it will be hot enough to dissolve the Borax.

Stir the solution very well until the Borax has completely dissolved (it may take a few minutes).

When the solution is crystal clear, pour into glass jars or containers.