Invisible to All

Really 300xIt’s amazing the difference one little word can make. Take the Pledge of Allegiance, for instance. Should a well-meaning but obviously contextually confused boy say the pledge over his school’s loud speaker and change “indivisible” to “invisible,” the meaning shifts dramatically. “One nation invisible to all” doesn’t seem to capture the essence of what I suspect was the intent of the pledge. Now, given our current political climate, it’s certainly possible there is a significant desire by the populace that the country was, indeed, invisible. It turns out to be visible on every cable news network from Canada to the Orient. I’m pretty sure third world tribesmen are discussing the latest sound bite over their ant larvae stew.

No, this nation is not invisible, though we can hold out hope. And while hope is in the air, let’s aim a little toward indivisible while we’re at it. After all, one little word really does make a big difference.

Source: David Swann