Spelling Bee time in Jefferson County!

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Photograph by Robin Archer, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer / Sheryl Gent with the proud winner from Mt. Horeb Elementary Dalton Dillon of Mrs. Hodgson class

Photograph by Robin Archer, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer / Dilyn Mahaffey - fourth grade winner at Piedmont Elementary.

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Each Elementary School in Jefferson County has held, or will be soon competing in Spelling Bees. The 1st place winner from Jefferson Elementary was Ashley Martinez, Dandridge Elementary was Shane Levin, and Piedmont Elementary was Dilyn Mahaffey. New Market’s winner will be announced soon. Talbot school is not hosting their spelling bee until after the holiday break.

Each student competed against each of their classmates in the initial competition. The top two spellers from each class went on to represent their class as they competed against the other class winners within that school from the third, fourth and fifth grades. The winner from each elementary school will compete against each other in January for county wide champion.

The tremendously excited winner from Mr. Horeb Elementary is Mr. Dalton Dillon of Mrs. Hodgson 5th grade class. He studied a lot and was nervous to compete, but happy that he finished and won. Ms. Dilyn Mahaffey, Piedmont Elementary School winner, studied in school a lot, as well as at home with her mom. Despite a few nerves about the County competition, both students are looking forward to the upcoming spelling challenge.

Source: Robin Archer, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer