Signs of the Earth and Moon

Memories are funny things. When one memory emerges from the recesses the mind, a chain of memories, long forgotten, follow. I found this to be true when thinking about the signs of winter, suggested by nature, from my father and grandfathers. I suddenly recalled other “signs of nature” made by these same, wonderful people.

My father could tell when his cows were going to birth by studying the moon. With this knowledge, he was able to protect mother and calf from wild dogs and wolfs during the birth. He used the same technique for the birth of each of his grandchildren. When our due date came, he would check the almanac, for the full moon, and tell us when we would be in labor. Amazingly, he was generally right, for cows and humans.

Births were not the only reason my father consulted an almanac. As a farmer, he planted fields of crops and gardens. This was never done without consulting the almanac, for the position of the moon and earth. Each type of crop had a different moon/earth position, and he planted accordingly. His crops were always productive, so it must have worked. I can’t remember all the positions, as I would just ask, if it was a good time to plant my garden, and he would tell me what vegetables and what days. I do remember not to plant if the signs are in the bowels (I’m just not sure what that means). As long as I followed his direction, my gardens were beautiful. Now that I do not have his wisdom, my gardens are not very productive. There must be something to the moon/earth signs.

There are many things the moon affects, according to the wise people in our past, some real and some lore. The full moon brings out all the crazies. A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who shape-shifts into a wolf, with the appearance of the full moon. Witches are said to ride during the full moon. It is said that if a young girl holds a silk hankie at the face of the full moon, desiring to know when she will be married, the number of moons appearing, will indicate the number of years she shall wait. The strongest storms and hurricanes are likely to be 1-3 days after a new moon and 3-5 days after a full moon. A wish made while looking at new moon will come true within a year. And finally, if you’re looking for a man, glance at the moon over your right shoulder and say:

New moon, new moon, true and bright,

If I have a lover let me dream of him tonight.

If I am to marry far, let me hear a bird cry;

If I am to marry near, let me hear a cow low;

If I am to marry never, let me hear a hammer knock.

I don’t know about the werewolves and witches, but I believe in the crazies. ER’s seem to be busier and more babies are born on nights with full moons. And, many teachers will tell you, that children respond to the full moon by being less attentive to in the classroom (I think the word is “wild”). Or, is it really the teacher succumbing to the full moon? Check the almanac and read the signs – we might become as wise as those in our memories.

Source: K. P. Guessen