Passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf

I was saddened this week by the passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf. He will be remembered for his part in the success of Desert Storm and his forthright way of meeting an issue head on, with little or no fan fare. The first President Bush, his Commander and Chief during that turbulent time, is in the hospital in intensive care. It seems like a type of politician, actually of man, is becoming extinct. Those politicians that, agree with them or not, held their offices in high regard. They have been replaced by the Late Night Politicians-those that willingly pander to Hollywood and the need to be one of the gang. In a world where parents are being replaced by baby mommas and baby daddies and the color of your skin is as important as it was circa 1950, only for different reasons, those stand up men who said little but meant exactly what they said are few and far between.

Sometimes I feel like we are all visiting a second rate theme park. You know the kind. The music is overly cheery and the characters are all brightly dressed and everyone is smiling but something just isn’t quite right. It is all too much and not enough, at the same time. It just isn’t genuine. So for all that think that I have had too much egg nog over the holidays, let me just say…baby daddies and baby mommas do not take the place of parenting – commitment and stability is still necessary to raise healthy, functional children. Married or not, it takes more that a baby momma or baby daddy to create a family. And while I am out on my limb, it is a society that is confused when its youth is so enamored with skin tone that they forsake their culture for another. This Nation is a melting pot and it is our differences that make us great, not our ability to mimic another because we are uncomfortable in our own skin…whatever the color. And lastly, great men and women do not pander to the public. They lead with dignity and purpose, regardless of their political affiliations. I remember the day that President Clinton sat on National television and tried (and partially succeeded) in convincing a Nation that his integrity depended on the definition of the word “is”. For all of his floundering of vocabulary and questionable judgment, President Clinton did not willingly offer the dignity of his political office for the fodder of late night fools, nor does his wife.

Both sides of the political isle have bought into the second rate theme park concept and they have drug the Nation along for the ride. So, I will miss Stormin’ Norman for his voice and his integrity, just like I miss President Regan, President Bush and President Carter and even President Clinton. I want the real thing back. We need the real thing back before we become a Nation of voice but no substance. Going off of the cliff of integrity and into the second rate abyss-that is the plunge that I am worrying about. Farewell, General! You did the United States proud and you will not be forgotten.