Valentines Activities to Increase Fine Motor Skills

Growing YearsI. Valentine Hearts Fine Motor Lacing


Colored Felt (red, white and black)

Fabric Scissors

Googly Eyes


Masking Tape

Hot Glue Gun

Directions (For one child):

– Fold felt in half and cut out half of a heart.

– Cut out three hearts of various sizes in each of the three colors.

– Fold the hearts in half horizontally and cut two vertical slits (do not cut to the edges),

– Glue googly eyes onto the hearts.

– Cut three feet of yarn.

– Tape the ends using masking.

– I cut two slits so that the yarn could be laced up through one hole and down through the other. This creates a mouth for the hearts.

– Demonstrate how to lace the hearts.

– To lace the hearts go up and then down to create the yarn mouth.

– String all the hearts together using only one slit or two.

II. Valentines Fine Motor Heart Mobile


Some cardboard hearts


Paint brush

Crepe Paper (red, pink and white)

Ribbon to hang your mobile


– Cut up your crepe paper into strips and smaller pieces.

– Put glue onto a section of the heart.

– Crumple the crepe paper to scrunch it.

– Put each scrunched piece on the glue.

– Alternate the colors.

– Continue until the hearts are covered.

– Make holes in the hearts

– Tie them with strips of ribbon to make a valentines mobile.

Alternatively, string each heart separately and attach to a hanger.