Habitat for Humanity Assists Home Owners with “Critical Home Repair Program”

The Jefferson County branch of Habitat for Humanity is making strides to improve the lives and living conditions of the citizens of Jefferson County. The program recently broke ground on its 31st house in its Racine Ridge Community. They are also working on a new home improvement program to better help established home owners.

Habitat for Humanity organizer Sheila Wiggins stated that the new program would be called the Critical Home Repair Program. The program is for people who already own their own home and need serious repairs done, most likely structural. She went on to explain that candidates that would like to be considered for the program must meet a certain set of criteria.

Those wishing to participate in the Critical Home Repair Program must have a serious need, to be determined by the construction manager upon assessment. The candidate must be willing to personally help in the process, and must be able to pay back the repairs without interest added.

If candidates meet the set criteria and turn in their application to Habitat in a timely manner, the entire process of repairs is projected to take about a month. Wiggins, along with the Habitat team, is hoping this project will allow them to serve more people in Jefferson County, along with their other established building and rehab projects.

Ultimately, the Habitat team want to give everyone the opportunity of living the American dream of owning their own home. With the new Critical Home Repair Program, home owners can be added to the list of those with the opportunity of a better future.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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