5-in-5: Landfill Director David Gaut

The Jefferson County Post recently sat down with Landfill Director David Gaut and conducted a 5-in-5 interview.

With the taking over of your position, do you have a vision for what you want to do for the organization?

Gaut: My vision is taking what has already been started with the trash and recycling programs and expanding them further. I hope to promote education and programs within the county to allow younger generations to grasp the ideals of recycling. Once the message has been grasped, they can help further educate older generations, allowing for smarter solutions and less trash in the landfill.

What kind of changes are you striving for?

Gaut: I have been given so many opportunities up to this point. The last administration gave me free reign on what I wanted to do, so I already have some influence on keeping what has been strated and the efficiency those programs have created. I want to increase regulations and promote new technology and resources that are readily available for us to use.

Are there specific changes that you are working on that will better help meet the needs of the citizens of Jefferson County?

Gaut: I want the citizens of Jefferson County to know that their concerns and complaints are taken seriously. I have heard several concerns about our convenience centers around the county. Only two of them are paved and that can be a serious problem for some people. I want to create more convenience centers to allow for easier access and use for our citizens. Obviously, budget might be an issue, but with the support of the road superintendent we might be able to make this a reality.

What is going to stay the same?

Gaut: From the outside looking in it might seem that not a lot has changed over the past few years, but I would like to reassure people and let them know that changes are coming. While we will still have our old systems and techniques, we are looking at newer technology and education to help in our efforts. We already have in place a personal surveying system to better help implement our own business and cut down on costs overall. We are striving to make our relationship with not only the county, but the state of Tennessee better.

What do you want to reassure people of or let them know about you taking over this positon?

Gaut: I want to reassure people that we have their interests in mind. We understand that the landfill is top priority. Once it is full we might not be left with a whole lot of options. We are working on education and technology to help preserve it for future generations of this county.

Source: Elizabeth Lane, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

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