editorial-logo3This week I am going to take a page from the National news and try to jump on the tweeting boat. I hate to admit it but tweeting is just one form of communication that has alluded me. I guess that I need more words to express myself than is allowed in that format and my tweets would probably look more like a grocery list than any recognizable pattern of thought. But, hey. I am all for trying new things and since tweeting appears to be a viable way to make your thoughts known, sign me up. Not literally. I can barely manage texting (ask my twenty something son and my tech loving husband) and I have no idea how to actually post a real tweet but I do know how to use a hash tag key (pound key) and I can be quite the queen of sarcasm when necessary, so I thought that I would give it a dry run here and now.

This week the budget committee will meet and they will start the budget process. I know that there is a difference between needs and wants. But as in most things in life, there is a gray area and it is here that we often differ. I hope that they will be open minded when they hear from the non profits and others that have been pushed back for the past several budget season. #aspoonfullofsugar #helpthemhelpus

Dandridge has had some issues with discoloration of their water and it was mentioned during their BMA Work Session that auditors may suggest a rate increase for water because the profit line may not be large enough. It seems like an interesting time to talk rate increase. #orangewaterisextra #timingiseverything

There are those that live with their head under a pillow and refuse to acknowledge what is going on around them and then there are those that simply won’t let things go. Last week the School Board requested that the Director of School give a written explanation on why they could use $200,000 of money from the capital projects line of the 2016-2017 budget toward the White Pine School Project and they have to have County Commission approval to use $646,000 of money that was moved in a School Board requested and County Commission approved budget amendment to pay for items listed on a School Board approved capital projects list. It is very, very simple. This upcoming budget year the DOE can put enough money into their capital projects line item that they won’t have to ask for approval, provided that their budget passes. The White Pine School project has started and there is enough to fund phase I. Phase II won’t even be ready to start until after the next budget year. This isn’t a fight about funding. This is a fight about winning their point. I just don’t understand keeping on when you are going to have to go before County Commission in a few short weeks to get your total budget approved. #bitinghandthatfeeds #studentsbeforeEgo #copewithit

This concludes my attempt to be on board with the hash tag parade. It is really more difficult than I expected. Apparently, I am just hip enough to be square because I have been informed that tweeting is out and instagram and snapchat are in. Well, unless you happen to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For me, I will just go back to Facebook where I can always see what my friends are eating for dinner.

#imoutofhere #notsocoolanymore #leavingittotrump

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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