Dropping of the Ball

This week Jefferson County welcomed a New Year. With the dropping of the ball, it was out with the old and in with the new. Let’s hope that our local politicians take this opportunity to do a little cleansing, as well. After a few weeks apart, perhaps they will have made peace with their differences. Meetings begin again this week, as the facilities committee gathers to discuss recent issues in the County. The Finance Department is facing the annual State audit. Auditors were in house last week and are expected to be combing through material for several days to come. The final result will not be available for several weeks, however I expect that it will get an eagle eye look from some on the Commission, particularly those that are interested in a performance evaluation of the Finance Director. I look for that evaluation to bring fire from both sides of the isle. In few short weeks, the budget committee will begin the budgeting process for the next fiscal year. Some are concerned that the Department of Education may be running short and I expect that issue will be a hot topic in 2013. With any luck, it will be a kinder and more professional political climate in governing bodies in 2013. With the school building program a done deal…well, almost anyway…some of the explosive topics may be off of the table. The only thing left to decide is if the tax rate will take a hit due to the outlay of funds during the last couple of years. Personnel could be another issue of debate in early 2013 and some are still pursuing doggygate. For the good of the people, the County Commission should resolve to keep the personalities out of the vote. They are half way through their terms and a lot of good-and a lot of destruction-can be done in the next two years. This year is the only chance that they reasonably have to make great strides for the County. By next year, the elections will be drawing near and they will run like pepper from soap to their respective sides. This must be the year for action, not reaction. Big issues are facing this County, including a business park and the intermodal. Though united might be a bit much to ask, non combative is certainly doable. So, here is to 2013. Let’s keep the fireworks to a minimum and our eye on the prize and we just might make a little progress…or at least control the damage.

Source: K. Depew, News Director