First Full Day of School is August 8, 2017

The first day of school for Jefferson County students will be on August 8, 2017, though teachers will report for their first full day of school on August 1, 2017. Calendar School Year 2017-2018 dates were solidified on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at the Regular Meeting of the Jefferson County School Board. Other items of action, beyond the approval of the school calendar, included a consent agenda that contained several field trips, budget amendments that were general housekeeping in nature, use of the Fairgrounds for Jefferson County High School FFA students and alumni and surplus property.

School Board Members also approved policy changes including policy 4.700, which denotes that standardized test scores be included as a part of the semester or yearly average, rather than the nine weeks average there by lessening their impact on student grades. Board Members also approved an easement agreement necessary for the White Pine School Project at a cost of $6,000 to be paid in equal monthly installments over the course of a year. Director of Schools Evaluation Results were also distributed, with Director of Schools Edmonds scoring an average of 4.04 across eight designated goal areas.

Source: K. Depew, News Director

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