Legacy Theatre Presents Anne of Green Gables

Matthew and Marilla welcome Anne to Green GablesMindy Williams as Marilla, Mark McConkey as Matthew, MacKenzie Price Myers as Anne.  Photo by Loveday Images

Matthew and Marilla welcome Anne to Green Gables
Mindy Williams as Marilla, Mark McConkey as Matthew, MacKenzie Price Myers as Anne. Photo by Loveday Images

Legacy Theatre is excited to announce their upcoming production of Peter DeLaurier’s Anne of Green Gables March 24, 25, 26, 30, and April 1 and 2.   This popular stage play is adapted from the children’s literature classic of the same name by Lucy Maude Montgomery which has sold more than 50 million copies.    It tells the tale of  a young orphan girl, full of delightful imagination, that is mistakenly sent to a middle aged brother and sister.  What follows is sure to bring both laughter and tears as this threesome learns and grows together.  It is a wonderful play for all ages.  Artistic Director, Peggy Horton Price shares, “We have a very strong cast to tell this timeless story.  Even in rehearsal, it is already beginning to touch our hearts.  I know the community is going to love it!”

MacKenzie Price Myers plays Anne Shirley, while Mindy Williams and Mark McConkey fill the roles of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.  Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend, is played by Autumn Leming, with Benjamin Myers portraying Gilbert Blythe.  Rachel Lynde is Mary Morris,  known in the Lakeway area for her music video, “Snow”, a “Hello” Adele parody that went viral last winter.  Rounding out the cast are Moody Spurgeon/Brandon Jessie, Jane Andrews/Crystal LaPlue, Ruby Gillis/Michaela Jones, Josie Pye/Shevon Stoddard, Mrs. Spencer & Mrs. Barry/Lora Osborn, Olivia  Spencer, Judah Grace Myers and Katy Spencer & Minnie Mae Barry, Hannah Brooke Myers.

The production team for Anne of Green Gables is Technical Director and Lighting, Deborah Miller; Costuming, Teresa Douglas;  Sound, Arlan Williams;  Marketing, Mindy Williams; Administration, Kim Fuerst; Graphic Design, Benjamin Myers; Photography, Joshua Loveday; Videography, Evan McNair; Ticketmaster, Toshia Combs; Stage manager, Shannon Jones Styles; Chaplain, Linda Quesenberry and Assistant to the Director, Leia McNair.

Tickets are on sale now through the website, www.legacytheatre.us or by calling 865-471-8282.  Venue for performances is Heritage Fellowship Church in Jefferson City, TN.