Letter to the Editor

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Submitted by: Jim Sipprell

Congratulations to the ‘Rankin Road Regressives’; you won another victory in your insipid battle to prevent employers from setting up shop in our county. Your continued resistance to making a future for our kids and grandkids is still on track.

Having listened to your multi-generational presentation of the classic “NIMBY” arguments I finally began to grasp the reasons why Jefferson County ranks so poorly for real job growth.

Your efforts beg the question; Why do we need a Chamber of Commerce when you obviously don’t know what the word “Commerce” actually means? You have transformed the group named ‘Industrial Development Board’ into an oxymoron.

Oh yes; please remove those sophomoric signs from your front yards as they distract those of us who must drive Rankin Rd. on our way to work in Hamblen county.

Jim Sipprell White Pine, TN

Jefferson Farmers Co-op 08112014