The Buzzz!!

the buzzz small featuredThe buzz word this week is “ridiculous.” A demi hive met this week to discuss the pollination for the fire fighter nests but Buzzy Bees in the Know are buzzing lots of humm and little action. The low humm is that the push back may bee the source of more exterior push back than was expected. The low, low humm is that tightening the lines could bee on the horizon, especially if the lid stays on the honey jar.

And in other buzzz, the fight is on as cross county split means a pollination conundrum and the sides line up behind their favorite drones. The buzz says that, as pollination proclamations go, this one may bee more anaphylactic than ever and for next to nothing. Honey pot is looking good but another spoonful may bee more than the swarm is willing to give and it could bee the start of another waspish year, especially for the powers that bee. Buzzzz.

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